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Second Hand Business - Looking For Small Business ?


  • Looking for small business ?
  • How to start second hand business ?
  • How to start retail business - retail business solutions ?!


If you are looking to open a small business You've come to the right place!




Have you ever thought to open Second Hand Clothing Business ?

 Sales of second hand clothing to western or centre Europe countries are blooming. Countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and others are buying in bulk every year more and more used clothing. In the past four years, sales of used clothing have increased four and a half times, increased about 17% and will grow in the next few years. And here is the best opportunity for you to open a small business, retail business or wholesale to other countries.


 Next step will be decide on how you will buy inventory. For example, some second-hand clothing businesses, like wholesale you may buy used clothing upfront. Each wholesaler has different requirements for minimum order. Used clothing can be purchased at garage sales, flea markets and online. When considering inventory, decide if you will sell all types of used clothing or specialize in certain types, such as children's clothing or formal wear or maybe outlet. Look at the condition of the clothing to find out pricing. If the clothing looks like new, it may be able to be priced at a higher rate than well worn merchandise. Also consider the type and style of clothing for pricing ideas. For example, if the used clothing is a designer name, you may be able to price it higher than other items.


How to start retail business - retail business solutions ?

 To reduced the cost of the business you can sell clothing online. You have few options, sell on eBay, sell on Facebook, create a website, create online shop. If you are interested in costs and business solutions for small businesses go to another page where you can find more information


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